Win a $50 gift card for sharing your Christmas recipes

Published on 04 December 2017

Here in Woodgrove, we’re surrounded by so many wonderful cultures and traditions, so in the lead up to Christmas, we’re launching a recipe swap Facebook group for the community.

To kick things off, we’re looking for your favourite recipes to put on the Christmas table. Festive food means different things to different cultures and there’s much more to Christmas food than the classic turkey and ham (though we’d love those recipes, too!).

We’ll be giving away $50 gift card to one lucky person who shares their favourite recipe for celebrating with their family. It can be a salad, a dessert or a side dish and will be featured on our blog. To enter, simply join the Facebook group via @WoodgroveShoppingCentre 'Woodgrove Recipe Swap' and post the recipe and a photo of your creation to the group wall (note: the recipe must be your own). We’ll select our favourites and contact you to share them on the Woodgrove Shopping Centre blog. 

Read the terms and conditions here and join the group now! 

Community guidelines:

DO: Post your recipes and pictures for everyone to enjoy!
DO: Like, comment, and share your reactions to other people’s recipes.
DO: Treat the other members of the group respectfully. We’re all neighbours, after all!
DO: Be aware that this is a public group moderated by Woodgrove, and from time to time recipe material published in this group may be reproduced on our website.
No spam, no advertisements and no hate speech, please.
Posts unrelated to recipes will not be accepted.